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Checkout by CandyPay

A low-code checkout solution, powering seamless, mobile-native, and effortless Payment infrastructure for web3 businesses, where you can get started accepting Solana payments in a few lines of code!

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Problems we’re solving

Cryptocurrency payments have multiple upsides over traditional rails including no fees, no charge-backs, and instant settlements, globally connected and accessible from day one, but currently accepting cryptocurrency, let alone Solana payments is hard!. The three major friction for businesses to accept Solana Payments are:

1. Too technical

The roadblock to accepting Solana and overall cryptocurrency payments is the availability of no great infrastructure providers and everything being too technical for merchants, whose focus is on growing their products and businesses over building a payment layer right from scratch!

2. Hard integration and unbearable UX

Available crypto payment infrastructure providers like Coinbase Commerce and BitPay

  • Does not support Solana and SPL Tokens
  • Are hard to integrate, and manage and cause issues to scale
  • The UX to pay is crappy, and unreliable from a customer perspective

3. No mobile support

A major fraction of Solana users are mobile-native and the upcoming wave of new users will be mobile-heavy too. Still, almost all payment providers don't work well on mobile devices, and the UX is unbearable for users

Introducing: Checkout

To solve these problems, we created "Checkout", in the first release we'll power these main features at the core,

1. Pre-built Checkout solution

Checkout is a low-code solution for businesses to accept Solana Payments with ease. It powers a pre-built checkout page with all the necessary components it takes for businesses to accept and users to pay in Solana and SPL tokens. No tech jargon, no need to handle wallets, QR codes, or building everything from scratch, we do that for you! Meanwhile, the end-user experience is Top-Notch and built to convert them into paid users, by offering multiple payment streams (Connect wallet for desktop, Tap to Pay for mobile, and QR Code payment for IRL payments) and major Solana SPL tokens (USDC, SOL, DUST, etc.)

Checkout page

2. Powering ‘one-click’ Tap to Pay UX for mobile

We are proud to be the first-ever fully mobile native payments solution offering ‘one-click’ Tap to Pay UX for mobile users, which is on par with that of Apple Pay and Google Pay and is built on the ‘Solana Pay protocol’!


  • Non-Custodial, forever

Our Checkout solution is non-custodial forever, i.e we don’t hold your funds at any point, and payments get transferred to your Solana wallet with an instant settlement as soon as someone made a payment on your website or app!

  • Powerful Dashboard to manage everything

    We power merchant onboarding through a powerful dashboard where teams can manage all their payments, API Keys, business name + assets, and everything included in order to keep your payments going breeze! Further versions will also support analytics to analyze your business performance and serve users better


  • Support for swap transactions

    Cryptocurrencies are volatile in nature and businesses need to secure their earnings from price fluctuations! To ensure this, we support "Swap Transactions", where end users can choose to pay from multiple supported SPL tokens (SAMO, DUST, GARI) and SOL itself, but merchants will only receive USDC (fully backed stablecoin) and can remain stress free from price fluctuations!

Swap transaction

  • Mobile Native, Multi Pay methods with the best UX

    Our checkout solution is mobile native from day one, powering best-in-class UX. Currently, we currently support three payment methods based on user devices so they can choose according to their convenience,

    • Connect wallet, and extension wallet payments for desktop
    • One-click tap to pay for mobile
    • QR Code scan to pay for desktop and mobile both
  • NFT ownership-based Discounts Merchants who have their own NFT collections or have a user base from an NFT community can reward their members and power NFT ownership-based dynamic discounts on total cart value right on Checkout Page! This not only helps increase conversion for sales as users get the same products/services at a discounted rate but also increase direct conversion and motivation for users to buy your selected NFT! A demo video of discounted Checkout is available here!

NFT Ownership based discounts

  • Loyalty Incentivisation Rewarding top customers with Airdrops, Raffle Entries, etc. have been a great part of web3 marketing and for the first time ever we made it easy for merchants to reward and incentivize their top and loyal customers in a seamless manner! Merchants get access to processed and refined data for each and every unique customer of theirs, which then can be utilized to support Airdrop, Raffle entries, Discounts, and multiple other methods

Loyalty Incentivisation

  • Multiple SPL tokens support

    Merchants can choose and configure multiple SPL tokens (like DUST, GARI, SAMO, etc) they would like to offer to their users! We only support a pool of whitelisted tokens based on certain parameters, but launch partners can contact us to add tokens of their choice!

  • Easy-to-use SDKs supporting multi-stack integration

    Our SDK allows teams or businesses to start accepting Solana payments in just a few lines of code, without any hassle on web3 jargon. We cover them all for you with a pre-built hosted checkout solution. Our SDK is built to primarily power Node and React/Next TS framework, but we are open to power Native, Flutter and other web or mobile frameworks as the need arises!

Platform fees

Our final platform fee is still under active discussion! For the Launch Partners, we are only charging a small 1% fee on each payment, for the first 4 months till we conclude a final pricing model!

NO set-up, hidden, or one-time fees, we only charge whenever you earn something while powering the most seamless UX which works best for both you as a merchant and your users!

Get in touch

Loved Checkout and are excited to power seamless, mobile-native, and best-in-class payments experiences in your web3 and Solana dApp, business, startup, e-commerce website, and many such use cases? We would love to have a word from you, learn about your needs, and have you as one of our launch partners! Reach out to us on these platforms and let’s discuss more,